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1 / 11 physical model 实体模型

guilin hotel | 桂林酒店

Year | 年份: 2013
Location | 地点 : Guilin, Guangxi, China | 中国,广西,桂林
Status | 状态: under construction | 在建

Type | 类型: renovation | 改造
Program | 功能: hotel | 酒店
Size | 规模: 10,000 sqm | 10,000 平米
Client | 业主: guilinren group | 桂林市桂林人集团发展有限公司

Team | 团队: Chen Chen (陈忱), Federico Ruberto, Nicola Saladino, Maria Francesca Di Alessandro, Xue Yang (薛扬), Li Jing (李菁), Aniruddha Mukherjee, Liu Dong (刘动) hotel 01_v2.jpg
2 / 11 existing structure 现状结构

This renovation project aims to transform a large empty building, originally planned to host several restaurants, into a boutique hotel with 100 bedrooms and several public services.
The new program imposed important modifications to the facade, the creation of a swimming pool that occupies a large part of the courtyard and the addition of new volumes on the higher levels.

为满足新的使用功能要求,原建筑立面及内部结构都须局部调整:首层庭院空间的泳池及分布在不同高度的加建体量使得原本就凌乱的建筑空间更显凌乱。 hotel 02_v2.jpg
3 / 11 new volumes and façade development 加建体量与立面研究

These punctual interventions unfortunately increased the original volumetric fragmentation of the structure. The construction of a layer of blades that partially wraps the old façade and bends into a fluid continuous roof creates a coherent envelope and a totally new identity for the building.

我们的策略是建造轻质结构百叶系统形成一层半透的表皮以整合复杂的体量元素,使新旧建筑成为一个统一的整体,赋予原有建筑崭新的形象。 hotel 03_v2.jpg
4 / 11 landscape layers 景观层次

The blades also provide shading, while allowing natural ventilation for the rooms and the higher terraces, responding to the characteristics of the tropical climate of Guilin. Furthermore, the interstitial space between the façade and the new skin gave the opportunity to create a series of public and private terraces with good views towards the amazing landscape of the region.

这个百叶层同时具备调节微气候的功能。它在遮阳的同时允许建筑的自然通风,适应桂林亚热带气候日照强烈的特点。同时,旧有立面与新表皮之间的半围合空间,形成半公共半私密的空间体验, 也为这一区域注入新的景观活力元素。 hotel 04.jpg
5 / 11 top view 总图 hotel 05b.jpg
6 / 11 site sections 场地剖面 hotel 06_v2.jpg
7 / 11 façade system 立面系统 hotel 07_v2.jpg
8 / 11 view from the roof terrace 屋顶露台视角 hotel 08_v2.jpg
9 / 11 view from the landscape 景观视角 hotel 10.jpg
10 / 11 façade study 立面研究 hotel 09.jpg
11 / 11 planting study 种植研究